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News |Colloquium ‘Nurturing Leaders: Generative Communities’, from 9-10 January 2018, Atchison – Kansas (US)

Looking back on an interesting colloquium ‘Nurturing Leaders: Generative Communities’ at the St. Benedict’s Abbey and Mount St. Scholastica Monastery (Atchison, Kansas). I presented a paper ‘The post-secular: challenges and opportunities for nurturing leadership within religious communities’. With my colleagues James Leachman osb and Daniel McCarthy osb of the Research Unit Pastoral Theology and Empirical Theology (KU Leuven).

Participation on the conference ‘Ecclesiology and Ethnography: Two Worlds or One?’.

From 2 till 5 December 2015 (Bucharest) I’ll participate on the conference ‘Ecclesiology and Ethnography: Two Worlds or One?‘. I’ll present a paper ‘Role and quality of monastic community life challenged by societal transitions. An ethnographic case-study of the Trappist community of the Abbey of Sint-Sixtus’.